Sunday, December 26, 2010

'Twas the Day After Christmas - Now What?

Christmas was really fun at our house this year.  The kids enjoyed opening their gifts, and liked what they received.  They had lots of time to play with their goodies, and after dinner we went to a friend's house for dessert and conversation.  It was lovely to have so much time to relax during the day, and be with friends in the evening.

The only down part of the day was the "Christmas crash" our daughter had when all 10,000,000 kids who received Webkinz that morning tried to register their new pets all at the same time, and the website was maxed out for hours on end.  Oh, the drama!  She finally got her new pets put on later in the evening, when many kids had finished online, collapsed from exhaustion and/or been sent to bed for being way overtired (a fate she only narrowly escaped herself).  Holidays can be very hard for kids, and even more so for kids with autism-related disorders.  Our son had his own "episode" when the PS2 had trouble with his new game.  After he got frustrated, he got to wait in his room while my husband did the troubleshooting and solved the problem (a loose connection amid the tangle of game system wires - our son loves vintage game systems, and has several by the TV in the basement).  More drama!  But it worked out in the end.

 Sophia has the right idea - a Christmas nap!

And now it's today, the day after Christmas.  Now what?  Yes, the kids are watching "Despicable Me," one of our son's gifts, but after that my husband and I have decided that we all want to get out of the house.  (Isn't it nice how parents can decide what their kids want sometimes?)  After some discussion, and more drama from our daughter, who did NOT like her brother's idea of something fun to do, we've arrived at a plan:  a visit to the local animal shelter to play with the cats (for our daughter, whose first choice, the M.O.S.T. in Syracuse, is closed today - you'd think they did that on purpose just to thwart her), a drive down through the hills of Central NY, and a visit to the Northeast Classic Car Museum (our son's idea, and something we've been meaning to do for months anyhow).  A family day out should be a good way to enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend.  Maybe we'll go near a craft store I can look in (for after-holiday bargains).  Hey, I can hope, right?