Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rambling Miscellany

For some reason I can't quite figure out, I've been down the past week or so.  Nothing specific, nothing eating at me, just a general feeling of being directionless and depressed.  So, trying to keep ahead of the tidal wave of full-blown depression, whatever its cause, I'm keeping busy today.

I'm doing the eternal chore, that is, laundry.  Sheets, towels, clothes,etc.  Washing is easy.  Folding and putting away is one of my least favorite chores.  Thankfully my husband helps with that end of things.

Dealing with senior pets, and their messes.  I love my cats, but our oldest, B. C., is having serious issues with marking his territory where he shouldn't, and having upset insides.  We know he has kidney issues.  It's time for another vet visit, although I'm pretty sure after an expensive blood test they're just going to tell me he's an old cat who has bad kidneys and should be on very expensive prescription cat food.  Anyhow, I'm washing the entry mat he's having issues with.  In the bathtub, using carpet cleaner soap and baking soda.  I feel like Lucy Ricardo squashing grapes, since I've got my jeans rolled up, and I've been walking on the mat in the tub to thoroughly work the soap into it and then rinse it out.  It's a wool rug, so I can't just toss it in the washer and dryer.

Insulating windows.  You'd think with a newer house (built in 2002) we wouldn't have window issues, but we can tell the builder cut corners all over the place.  One place was in insulating around the windows (which aren't the best quality anyhow).  I spent a little time earlier cutting some 2" foam a/c insulation into 1" strips to push into the tracks of the west-facing windows, where the draft is the worst.

I fired up the crock pot again today, to make soup out of yesterday's leftover chuck roast.  It should be just right by dinner time.  Maybe I'll be ambitious and make biscuits to go with it.

I'm still decluttering the office, which got thoroughly cluttered when we repainted the living room last week.  I want to get the last couple nagging piles cleared away, so I'll have TWO clean rooms to look at as I sit at my computer, not a view through a messy room to a neat room.

I'm also trying to keep the family room clean, an ongoing battle with the kids that has come to a head with the parental ultimatum this morning of, " Do NOT leave food, dishes or wrappers of any sort in that room, or you will be grounded!"

I'm blogging, because I can't seem to settle to one sustained task.  Everything I've done today has been in bits and chunks, with some music going in the background.

So, I think I should have my own movie now:  Scatterbrained Me, a cross between HGTV, Jeopardy, Animal Planet, and The Magic School Bus.

Time to go out and salt the driveway in the freezing drizzle.

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