Monday, January 24, 2011

Snowless Snow Day

For the first time in years, we've got a snow day due to the cold rather than the snow.  It's beautiful outside, clear and sunny.  Just looking out the window you wouldn't realize that the temperature was dangerously low this morning.  It was -12F at the city airport, with a wind chill of -20.  Whooeee, it's the kind of cold that makes the inside of your nose feel the tiny hairs have flash-frozen when you breathe in.  We started the morning with a two hour delay, and at the last minute the school went to a full day off. 

I'm not exactly thrilled with the cancellation, since I had been planning to drive to see my sister and mother today.  I could have done that within a normal school day, but the delay K. O.'d  that plan.  The closure just meant that I'd have the kids all day instead of for part of the day.  Oh well, life goes on, and I'll try to go down to see my sister and Mom later this week or early next week.  Everything in the U. S. northeast is a matter of "weather depending" from January through early March.  We just live with the understanding that whatever plans we make, the weather can trump.  Being upset is pointless.

However, I am hoping that the plans we make for our daughter's birthday next month don't get deep sixed by the weather.  Two of her guests, her cousins, will have to drive quite a way to attend, and if the weather is bad, they won't make it, and Princess Yakyak would be very sad.  She's given me an earful a number of times about having a winter birthday.  We've told her to take it up with the Lord, who wanted her born at that particular time of year.  We didn't have nearly as much say in the matter as she thinks, lol!

Since it's a totally inhospitable day outside, I've decided to make lemonade out of lemons and do some baking.  Comfort food and warming up the house at the same time are a winning combination.  Unfortunately we do have to go out later, for a dental appointment, but at least that's not till late afternoon.  I think I'll make bread today - good old fashioned white bread.  I'll make one loaf of cinnamon swirl bread too, at the kids' request.  Neither loaf will last long.  There's nothing quite as good as homemade bread, still warm and crusty from the oven, with a dab of butter on it.   

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