Sunday, January 2, 2011

Too Much Vacation! (a.k.a. Where's the school bus already?!)

 Glorious blue sky a few days ago, 
and the view north from our front porch.

As much as the kids enjoy breaks from school, past a certain point I really don't like the time off.  That was true when I home schooled, and it's still true now.  I think most kids thrive on routine and like knowing what's going to happen ahead of time.  Our son (who has AS) has difficulty with breaks longer than a few days, because it really messes up his routine.  After 11 days off, he's more than ready to be back at school, although he protests that he doesn't want to go back.  He's nervous about riding the bus all over again, and anxious about the subjects he has trouble with (math, writing).  I'm actually looking forward to the long stretch from now through most of February, so we can all get back "into the groove" as it were.

 Burning bush (Euonymus alatus compactus) by the side of the house - very cheerful.

Our daughter is also having some issues related to too much vacation - too much excitement, not enough rest, and she misses her friends.  We've tried to keep her busy, but our little social butterfly needs more entertainment and social stimulation than boring old Mom and Dad can provide.  And, she's had more than enough time in her brother's vicinity - they've been picking on each other a lot, and frankly making me a bit crazy.  Yesterday they both spent most of the evening in their bedrooms, aside from baths, because they were quite obnoxious to each other and to us earlier in the day.   It was a comparatively quiet evening, which we all needed.  Our son seemed relieved to have to stay in his room, and was quite mellow about it.

 Miscanthus (eulalia grass) seed heads against the snow.

So, looking ahead to the new year, I'm trying to get back into more of a creative mode.  I want to work on some drawings, and some paintings (one commission, the rest for sale on Etsy or at Hartsville Hollow).  We'll also be painting the living room next week - the last room in the house to get a fresh coat of paint, and COLOR.  (The whole house was primer white when we moved in, except for one room.  Flat, contractor's "white," which is really dirty cream, and shows every possible mark or hand print from 20 feet away. . . .)  It will be nice to have that project finally done.

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  1. Uugh, just the mention of paint and I can SMELL it from re-doing every room last year. A coat of paint makes a world of difference, though!