Saturday, January 29, 2011

When friends spur us on to good things. . . .

. . . . good things happen!

I am so grateful for my friends who have encouraged and motivated me, especially over the past couple years, through our move and starting over in a new place.  I'd like to brag on a couple of them (and this is NOT an exhaustive list - I'd need to post several people a day for a long time to properly thank everyone!):

Many, many thanks to Blondee, who reached out to us even before our move, when I posted to a home school support group online and asked for information about activities and people in the area we were moving to.  She befriended us, answered questions, and even brought over some goodies our first week so we could meet face-to-face for the first time.  She invited me to meet other mothers considering starting a co-op, and to Gym & Swim at the Y, and introduced me to some great ladies that I'm still connected to even after home school ended for us.  She's gone beyond casual friendship into the deep and real friendship of sisters in Christ, sharing her burdens and taking some of my load into her prayerful hands.  She's encouraged me in my artistic pursuits, and offered words of wisdom when I've been discouraged.  She's a real wonder-woman in my book, an awesome home schooling mother of two, a great wife to Mr. Blondee, and an all around fantastic friend.  Thanks, Blondee!

Another friend who has stood by us for a number of years now is Tamara, who writes the Living Palm blog.  We met her through our church almost 9 years ago, and my husband actually knew her husband through the worship team before I became acquainted with Tamara.  About 5 years ago Tamara's vision of our church encouraging the arts and being active in the local art community began to bear fruit.  When our church had its first juried art show, I decided to submit some work.  She was hugely instrumental in my decision to try to pursue art again, and her steadfast "You can do it!" attitude has meant a lot to me when I've been tempted to say, "Who cares whether or not I create anything?" and throw in the towel.  I participated in two more juried art shows at our church, and a totally amazing Good Friday Stations of the Cross art program that allowed me to combine my love of gardening with an artistic expression of faith.  Tamara is still a friend and cheerleader to me, and she's still deeply devoted to ministering to artists within the church.  She's a woman of deep integrity and conviction, who's not afraid to ask the tough questions of herself, and to gently lead others to consider their faith through her own honesty.  Thank you, Tamara - very, very much.

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  1. It has been a wonderful experience getting to know you. He works wonders when you aren't paying attention! :) Thank you for the kind words!!