Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Doctors and Vets

What I wish I were seeing outside today -  ostrich ferns sprouting.
It was down around 0F again last night - I'm ready for the 60s, thank you.

This has been my week for medical professionals.  I had my own revisit to check blood work results yesterday.  It was such an awesome appointment!  (How often do you get to say that about a doctor's visit?)  It was my first time seeing a new doctor after our regular physician moved to another practice much farther away.  The new doctor was so pleasant and friendly, I was immediately comfortable with him, and during our conversation we realized we're both Christians.  How amazing to not only "take" immediately to a new doctor, but to realize that he'll pray for you as well as treat your physical needs.  To leave the office with not only good advice and referrals for two routine tests, but a Scripture reference for encouragement as well, was really a nice surprise.  On top of that, I got good news:  my cholesterol is down 64 points, and my HDL/LDL numbers are excellent now.  How about that?

Today was vet day for our two senior cats, B.C. and Sophia.  We saw a new vet at the animal hospital, and I like him a LOT.  I'll ask for him again.  No crisis for either cat, just checkups and rabies shots, plus blood work for Sophia (who is down to 7.2 lbs. and probably has hyperthyroidism as well as kidney issues).   B.C.  has a case of "little old cat," but he's actually in very good shape apart from his kidney issues.  They did do a urine test and gave him an antibiotic (an injection, thankfully) for a possible UTI.  The doctor was very realistic about medical costs, checked the price of everything we discussed, and suggested some inexpensive ways we could help B.C. without resorting to prescription meds or budget-busting special food.  He also agreed that new blood work was not necessary for B.C. at this time.  It still cost a pretty bundle for both cats, but hopefully with a little prevention we can extend their healthy lives.

Two old friends sharing a sunbeam a couple weeks ago.

And, as if I hadn't spent enough this week on the groceries, food for two weekend parties coming up, the doctor, and the vet, I ordered a new mattress for Safety Guy.  His old mattress is practically bowl-shaped and sounds like it could be used for cartoon special effects for a haunted house.  (Creeeeeeeaaaaaak!   Sproioioing!  Ping!  Grinka-grinka-grinka bding!  Grrrooaaaannnnnn!)  Since he's right up against 6 feet and not showing any signs of stopping soon, we ordered an extra long twin mattress and box springs.  Oh well, it's only money.

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  1. Total woo-hoo on the bloodwork!! That's fantastic!!