Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sunshine, Kid Stuff, and Healthy Options

After a gray, blustery, wintery week, it feels so good to see the sun again this morning.  The "big storm" glanced off of us and left us with about 6" of snow Tuesday and 4" of snow on Wednesday.  Still, the kids got a snow day out of it yesterday (a mixed blessing in my book, I must say).

Sometimes dealing with kids can be truly depressing, especially when they act up or act out and need to be seriously disciplined.  Safety Guy had a huge attitude problem Tuesday and lost his electronics privileges through yesterday.  (I told him, "Welcome to the 19th Century!")  Being disconnected was actually good for him on several levels: first as the consequence of his poor choices, of course, but also because he had to find other ways to amuse himself.  Being tech-free on a snow day was doubly hard (for both of us, lol!), but he made the best of it.  He read books, he built a huge skyscraper with his girder and panel set, he read more books, he practiced his percussion, he read some more, he played with his remote control cars, and he read again.  Toward the end of yesterday I relented and let him watch PBS with me, figuring watching the NewsHour and NOVA couldn't be THAT much fun, but he was happy enough for the video input, especially with NOVA (which was about recycling and green technology).  The first thing he did this morning was rescue his MP3, GameBoy, tracphone, and the power strip to his computer from our room.  Then he sat at the computer during breakfast.  Now that he's back from school, he's watching TV.  Life is good again - until the next issue, of course.

The kids have a half day of school today, for teacher conferences, on top of the snow day yesterday, which makes for a fragmented week.  Add in a counseling appointment and the unavailability of someone to watch the kids, and it will be an interesting day.  Not bad, just a bit of a juggling act.  My husband took the day off to simplify the running around, so it feels like it should be a weekend, and it's not.  Tomorrow will be the first "normal" day this week since Monday.  I must say I'm looking forward to it.

I'm rediscovering just how expensive it can be to eat healthy.  My diet before now wasn't bad, it was just unbalanced toward too many carbs and too little protein.  So far so good this week:  I feel much better, I'm not having the blood sugar high-low swings any more, and I've lost a few pounds.  Yay!  The down side is with different menu choices, and growing kids, our grocery budget is bigger than it was a few months ago.  I'm looking forward to growing some good produce this year, and frequenting the farmer's market.  I'm going to learn how to can this year, too - mostly so I can put up my own tomato sauces and salsa, and applesauce.

I guess in spite of the normal kid-raising craziness it's been a good week.  Thank you, Lord!

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