Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weather Whiplash

The meteorological roller-coaster is in full swing in Central NY over the past 
few days.  Two days ago our weather and yard looked like this:

 Our back yard, in full "spring thaw" mode on Feb. 18th, 
when it was over 50F and had been that way  for several days.

I did some garden inventory, and was delighted to discover that my garlic is sprouting.  I also marked which daylilies were showing signs of green foliage (making them "semievergreen" for breeding purposes).  The snapdragons were also fresh green, and ready to spring into growth at a moment's notice.

I was a LOT less happy to see rabbit damage to several shrubs, and to my 
dogwood tree.  I'll have to wrap/bury them next winter, 
if they survive this damage.

Yesterday the temperature was all of 15F, 
with snow and howling wind from the night before and all day long
(reportedly some gusts up to 50mph during the night and early morning, 
and easily in the 20s and 30s otherwise) - 
the wind chill was somewhere south of 0, and our yard looked like this:

 I love Molly's facial expression here.  It clearly says, 
"You've got to be kidding!  What the heck is this crap?  
Where's my sunbeam?"

The roads were terrible, so of course we had to go out several times.  
Thank goodness for our SUV.

Today, our weather again looks like this, and is up around 25F:

I am quite ready for spring.  Syracuse is up to 143" of snow for the year, and we're expecting more tomorrow and later in the week.  The amount of snow generally doesn't bother me, but it started early in the season with heavy snow right after Thanksgiving, so this winter seems to be really dragging on forever. 

While I could find the back porch earlier in the week, I moved my winter sowing containers to a better spot.  I'll be doing more soon, after payday (when I can buy more soil, and my next seed order arrives).

In spite of my weather blahs, I have really been enjoying my quilting time every day.  Most evenings I can get a couple hours to myself after the kids are in bed.  Sometimes I can snag an hour or two during the day, too,
so I'm making good progress.

 It's really B.C.'s quilt - I just happen to be working on it.  He usually sleeps on it while I'm working on it.  Occasionally he'll march right up on the hoop and plop down on my chest, just so I can't possibly miss the fact that it's HIS quilt.  He thinks I'm letting him lounge on it because it's my duty as a faithful peon I love him and I'm a pushover nice owner.

But this is what I'm really waiting for:  SPRING!!

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