Friday, April 8, 2011

Aggravation, Consolation, Inspiration

Aggravation is driving half an hour to visit a ceramic shop, only to find that the hours posted on their website are incorrect, and they're closed. 

Consolation is going to a Marshalls store by the closed ceramics place and finding a pair of shoes to wear with a dress I picked up for Easter a few weeks ago.  I found a pair of sandals in moss green leather with 1 1/2" cork wedge heels that my feet seem to like.  I have foot problems (the legacy of being stepped on by horses a couple times in my youth), so finding comfortable, dressy shoes can be a challenge.  And, after trying on a gorgeous pair of high heels that actually felt good on my feet, I realized that I am so very out of practice wearing high heels that I'd be in danger of serious bodily harm if I tried to walk anywhere in them now.  Since I don't feel like spending Easter in the ER for a broken ankle, I passed on the sexy heels and went for pretty but safe sandals instead. 

Inspiration is stopping by a quilt shop three minutes from my house (my first time in there) and seeing the gorgeous batik fabrics they have, and a couple quilt patterns that would be fun to work on using them.  I could imagine a leafy plum-sage-indigo batik border, with a center of many blues, with a pattern of koi appliqued onto it.  I think I'd like to take a quilt class first, so I can at least learn to match corners properly, though.

Frustration is our kids being in my face just a little too much tonight, and our daughter having a friend sleep over (resulting in more of the same, +1).  The good news is, PYY's friend's mother made an early lights-out a requirement for the sleepover, since her daughter had been up too late earlier in the week.  I'm good with that - my friend said 9PM for her daughter, and that works for my overtired girl too!

While I'm stuck on the "-ations" today, I'll have to add relaxation - I enjoyed working on my quilt, with B.C. holding down one side, while watching a documentary about Shakespeare, and another about Blackbeard the Pirate, before the kids got home from school.

And, totally random, we got "Tron: Legacy" on Netflix, and our son watched part of it before dinner.  I want to watch the whole thing, uninterrupted, one night this weekend.  I enjoyed the original, but didn't get to see this one in the theater (DH and DS did, and liked it so much they got the Daft Punk soundtrack on CD).  I gave my husband the original on DVD in 2009 - maybe I'll watch that this week too.  A bit of nostalgia, mixed with wondering how the heck I got to be over 40 when I remember the 80s as clearly as if they were last week.  Growing older is just plain weird sometimes.

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