Thursday, April 14, 2011

Drama is Exhausting - SO CUT IT OUT!

I try not to use a whole lot of texting acronyms in my blog.  I really can take the time to write out my thoughts.  Sometimes, though, a good "old" OMG, WTH? seems to cover the bases quite nicely.  Such is my day today, where drama is queen (and king), and I'm exhausted. 

Drama from Princess Yakyak (who procrastinated on her homework, got upset when something she'd been asked to put away several times got broken, and had a complete meltdown before school, complete with stomping, pouting, yelling, insults and tears). 

Drama from Safety Guy (who didn't get the Mac as soon as he got home because I was using it, and then when his phone didn't do what he wanted). 

Drama from my geriatric cats (don't ask - it was ugly - and involved Lysol).  

I want to go home.  Oh, wait, I live here.  Crap.  Okay then, I want a vacation.  ALONE.  Or at least time to go out for a coffee after my husband gets home later tonight.  (Good man, he suggested that I go out, after I posted some of my rant on FB.  He wrote back to ask what sort of minefield he would be walking into when he got home.  Then he called to talk to me, and could hear in my voice that I AM DONE.)

I am having a Stark.Raving.Mad.Mommy kind of day.  (Check it out, but be aware that the language can be rather pithy.  Funny as heck, though, and dead on about parenting stuff I can relate to, including the Aspergers thing.)   Or a Rants From Mommyland sort of day.  (Same warning only more so, same good stuff.)  

Please excuse me - I hear more drama in the background.  Princess Yakyak is grounded from all media and electronics for three days, so Safety Guy is annoyed that she's in the kitchen, where she can see the TV.  Never mind that she has no interest in Tron:  Legacy, and will be out of there momentarily.   He has a bad case of TTP (The Third Parent) as well as COTU (Center of the Universe).  I'm developing some tics and twitches myself. . . .

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