Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Meanderings

 Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla mollis) after rain, June in the old garden.

It's a gorgeous Monday - we've had our first thunderstorm of spring!  I'm not being sarcastic, I actually enjoy thunderstorms, and I look on them as being the best harbinger of warm weather when they happen in the spring.  It was a little one, just a few good flashes and rumbles as it glided past, but it was enough to lift my spirits.  The rain also soaked my newly-planted roses and blueberries, and watered the winter sowing containers so I won't have to do that for a few days at least.  I love listening to the rain.

I woke up weird.  (Well, okay, that's a debatable thing  to say - my DH and my kids would doubtless reply that I'm weird all the time.  Let them snicker; they're weird too.)  I should say I woke up kind of off kilter and down, with some thyroid-related symptoms and sad thoughts chasing around my mind after a restless night.  Bleh, some mornings are just a downer.  I'm trying to work my way out of that cycle now.

In a more pleasant vein, I have my first winter sown sprouts of the season - alyssum, and onions.  More should pop up every week now that the weather seems to be warming a little.   I'm hoping for good germination rates, since I used mostly fresh seed.  A clementine seed I planted indoors has sprouted too.

Recently I donated a small painting to an autism organization fundraiser:  Mitchell's Place in Birmingham, Alabama.  They do something called a Funky Fish Fry Fundraiser every year.  They contacted me through Etsy, and I decided to give them a hand.  It took me quite a while to muster the creativity to do something for them, and then I forgot to take a picture of it before I sent it to them last week.  Still, I hope the fundraiser is a huge success for them.

I'm having some trouble getting new ceramics done, since one shop I've worked with is changing owners, and the other is closing.  This Friday I'm going to visit a shop in Rome, NY, that is much closer to me now, and see if we can work together.  They offer all sorts of classes as well as the bisque ware and glazes, and I'd dearly love to learn to wheel throw my own pieces.  I'm stuck in the Catch-22 of starting a small art business:  I need money to invest to make new things, but I need to make new things to sell to get money to invest.  I put my Etsy shop in "vacation mode" today, and I'll leave it that way until early May.  Hopefully I'll get some inspiration and some items completed by then, so I can reopen with new listings.  No word yet on my application to substitute teach.

Safety Guy made it through his two weeks of good school behavior to earn his 1001 Classic Commercials DVD set.  He's quite proud of himself, and he loves the DVDs.  He's omnivorous on the commercials, too - not just watching ones about cars and toys and games, but also stereos, cameras, hygiene products (he says a Pepsodent jingle is one of his favorites), drinks and foods.  He's delighted when we remember seeing certain commercials he has on his discs.  ("Have you seen this one?" is his frequent question.  He wants to take the discs to show his grandparents - I had to tell him that he'd have to be selective in what to show them, since they won't want to sit through all 16 hours of commercials to tell him which ones they remember.  Ah, Asperger's. . . . .) 

Hawaiian Punch, anyone?


  1. haha! that commercial brings back tiny, fuzzy television memories. :) so proud of Safety Guy! Also, I loved today's thunder storm and love to know i'm not the only weird one. have a lovely, gloriously melancholy monday...

  2. I was delighted to wake up to rain today. If the kids hadn't had to get up for school, I would have laid there and listened to it for hours.

    The commercials have been lots of fun. Tootsie Pops, Jell-O, "Have a Coke and a Smile!" It's a trip down memory lane. And, it makes a nice diversion from Safety Guy's vintage video system mania (which is seriously getting on my nerves, since I only understand about one word in five when he gets going, and my "give a darn" meter reads close to zero on that topic, lol).