Monday, April 18, 2011

A Week Off - For Them

 Molly "helping" me get a picture of my husband for his job file.  
He needed a portrait shot.  I got him to smile by suggesting that 
he think of our daughter having kids of her own. . . . .

Spring break.  I never used to mind it before, because we home schooled and never took more than three or four days off at a time even in the summer (because doing so would totally throw off our son's behavior - his Aspergers means that routine is our friend).  THIS year, the kids are back in public school.  NOW I understand why public school moms aren't nearly as excited about spring break as their kids are.  Normally I have Monday mornings blissfully to myself.  Not so today, and the rest of the week looks equally "kids in my face"-ish.  I should have planned more activities for them.  Maybe we'll go see a movie later in the week; "Rio" sounds like fun.

I'm hoping to make the break enjoyable and pass quickly for all of us with some fun  activities, and an overnight trip with them to visit my parents.  We're getting down to the end of the school year - I can hardly believe there's only about 8 weeks left after Easter, since Easter is late this year.  The summer will be on top of us before we know it.  For now, I'm enjoying the daffodils in bloom, and the green starting to appear on the amur honeysuckle bushes and the willow trees.

Safety Guy is perseverating like crazy lately - I'm sure he's having a mental growth spurt.  He's been looking up all sorts of "history of technology" stuff on YouTube, then quizzing us on it.  (He assumes that we remember the make/model/year of any tech gadget we've ever seen  in our lifetime, or around our parents' and grandparents' houses.)  This morning he was showing me a video of the evolution of the cell phone ("Did you see this one?  Or this one?  How about this one?"), and he's been going on about the development of television as well.  (He wants one of those monster console sets from the 70s, with "knobs that turn!")  We've had to tell him quite a few times that we need a break from hearing about his current interests.  He just walks up to us and starts talking, regardless of what we're doing at the time.  Let's just say we're practicing social/conversational skills a LOT around here lately.

Fire Flowers, Mixed Media (acrylic, marker on canvas board), 6" x 8", 2010

On the art front, I'm having a heck of a time finding a ceramic shop I can work with up here.  It's looking more and more like I'll need to invest in my own kiln by the end of the year (or sooner, if I can get a part-time job).  I'll have to decide how serious I am about pursuing the ceramics - it's not an inexpensive art form, but I enjoy it so much that I think it would be worth the investment.  Aside from the relaxation and pleasure I get from working with ceramics, I can't sell what I don't create.  While I'm down at my parents' house this week, I think I'll go to the one ceramic shop still open in that area and make something just for fun.  Maybe a few tiles, instead of one larger piece.  Although, I really, REALLY want to make a large round platter as a wall art piece - I've had an idea stuck in my head for over a year.  But to put the time and effort into that, I have to really trust the studio to fire it right.  The studio near my parents' house is okay for small things, but I'm not going to risk a large, difficult, labor-intensive art piece there.

And, the news in home improvement:  The downstairs half bathroom is completely ripped out, and ready for me to paint this week.  My husband has been working right along on this project.  Really, all I'm doing for it is the painting, and "consulting" on fixtures etc.  It will be a little jewel box when we're done, painted in a dark saffron gold color, with white trim, bronze fixtures, and a lovely wood vanity with an overmount porcelain sink.  I hope it looks as good as we imagine it will, especially when the afternoon sun shines in there.

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  1. Enjoy the week! Mine hasn't gotten off on the best foot, but I am happy for the break with the shorties so I don't feel like the ever bearing task master. lol