Thursday, May 12, 2011

Decks, and Owning 40+

This week has been taken up by an outdoors project for me - staining our deck.  We knew we'd need a good run of totally dry weather to manage it, and early this week I realized that we were actually going to get the dry weather we need.  So, strike while the iron is hot, I guess, and I've spent the past two days working on the deck.  I'm quite a ways along in the project - all of the railings, and more than half of the deck planks.  I'll finish the planks today, but the skirting around the deck (which is raised about 15" off the ground) might have to wait for another dry spell, since we're expecting showers tomorrow night and Saturday, and whatever I do today needs 24 hours to dry.

It's been good to be outside and busy, just me and the radio, with the cats supervising from the screen door and the windows.  The weather has been gorgeous - 70s yesterday, and around 80 today, and very clear.  I've been applying heavy-duty sun block so I don't fry myself.  Tanning, yes; burning, not so far - maybe a tiny bit on my arms.

Along the way, I can really, really tell I'm not 30 any more.  Forty was a little while ago, and my body is telling me so.  Loudly.  Funny enough, it's not my arms/shoulders giving me pains, it's my back.  Time to exercise more and cut back on other things - again.  Still.  More.  Whatever, I need to move more and continue to eat healthy stuff.

Related to fitness stuff, last weekend our daughter really wanted me to go for a bike ride with her, since she had her new bike.  I haven't ridden my bike in years, like a decade or more, and it's in pretty rough shape, so I borrowed my husband's bike, lowered the seat a couple inches, found my helmet, and hit the road with her.  I was dismayed that my balance was a little wobbly at first, happy that I could still ride, and thrilled that it came back so easily.  The best part:  I was able to ride the bike back up the hill to our house - I didn't think I'd be able to do that.  Maybe I'll abscond with my husband's bike again to ride with PYY, and maybe we'll even pick up a nice used bike for me later in the summer.  One with a cushy old lady seat - my behind wasn't thrilled with the hard little seat on my husband's bike.  This is one area where comfort will win out over style with no embarrassment on my part.

Well, back to work on the deck.  Advil is a wonderful drug. . . .

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