Monday, May 23, 2011

Dust Dervish

Since we spent a lot of our weekend working either outside or in the basement (and we got a LOT done, really), the rest of the house went to heck in a handbasket.  It looks like a troop of baboons had a party here.  Or like we're getting ready to move, only without the luxury of boxes to put the piles of stuff in.  And it happened so FAST.  My house was pretty neat early last week, I swear.  You'd never know it to see it this morning.

I spent a good chunk of today trying to restore order - put things away, get rid of surplus stuff (trash/Salvation Army/trade in to the used book store), clean dirt wherever I found it (distressingly common), and generally tried to transform our living space from a place that looks like a dust devil tore through a garage sale into a neat, clean, fresh-smelling home. 

This will be a multiple-day process.  Right now I'm deep in the "it will look worse before it looks better" phase of a thorough clean-out.  So far I've created three boxes of books and videos to take to the used book store (store credit for more books and videos - wait, isn't that counterproductive?), and two garbage bags of, well, stuff I'm sure needs to be thrown out.  The kids each have a bag of stuff I've collected from all over the house for them to put back in their bedrooms.  (They get to clean their own bedrooms, later this week.) 

And I've been sorting books.  This happens a couple times a year, it seems.  I cleared a book shelf, redistributed its contents, moved the shelf upstairs to our bedroom, and filled it with some of my paperbacks (which have been sitting in stacks crowded onto a smaller shelf).  Moving books around is always like a puzzle:  move one stack, find a place for it by cleaning another row of books off another shelf, sort some books into boxes for getting rid of, find new homes for the keepers, and start the circle over again.  I've still got boxes of books in the basement from the move that we haven't opened yet.  Yes, I'm a bibliophile from a family of bibliophiles, and my kids love books too.  My husband has his own dedicated bookcase in the bedroom (full), but I'll easily admit that my books would dwarf his books if they were set side by side, by probably 8:1. 

There actually is a deadline for some of this cleaning and home improvement:  Father's Day weekend, when my sisters and I are taking my parents on a day trip on the Adirondack Scenic Railroad for their anniversary, then coming back here for a family picnic before sending them to spend a night at the Sherwood Inn in Skaneateles, NY.  It will be a family reunion, sort of, and I want the house to look its best.

Well, enough blogging - back to cleaning, before I have to run Safety Guy to tutoring.  I've got traveling songs running through my head, and "Wheel In The Sky," as I try to keep up with my life.  It's been nice to be busy, and play my tunes all day long.


  1. Wow, that makes me tired just reading about it. But don't you just love to get rid of stuff. It's seems so freeing. Getting rid of clutter to make room for more clutter that will fill its place, LOL. Cuz, you know the clutter hates a void and will fill it as fast as it can! You go, Girl!!

  2. Absolutely, Julie - getting rid of built-up stuff is very therapeutic. More is going to get the heave-ho this week. Banzai!