Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hanging On

It's been a discouraging week, and it's only Tuesday - I hope it's uphill from here, because there isn't much farther down to go emotionally at this point.  And what really bugs me is that I'm so down when there have been some very encouraging things happening lately.  I think I need to go talk to some girlfriends, and possibly my pastor as well, to sort some things out.  Snap out of it, self!  Pick yourself up and keep moving on.

Good things going on over the past week:

Safety Guy is doing well with his math tutoring; he's still going with a great attitude and working hard.  I've got a couple special items set aside for him when he meets some study goals.

I've done lots of planting in the garden, both of winter-sown stuff and plants from local nurseries:  nicotiana, foxgloves, columbine, tomatoes (beefsteak and plum, 5 varieties in all), peppers (sweet and hot, 4 varieties), and zucchini.  If the rain eases off later, I'll go back out and tackle some annuals (cosmos, marigolds, and zinnias).

Our son got a 92 on a math work sheet at school!  He said doing positive/negative numbers was easy, and I am so happy for his success.

The bullying has once again eased off for Safety Guy.  I'd like to hope we'll get through the end of the school year without another major upset.

Our daughter is doing great at soccer.  She's on a really nice team of girls, and she has two awesome coaches, and she's playing better every game.  I'm glad she's enjoying it so much.

My husband's new job is going very well.  He's settling right in and likes his coworkers.  There are the usual "getting up to speed" stresses as with any new job, but he's up for the challenge.  I'm so proud of him for being proactive and pursuing a job focusing on an aspect of programming he's wanted to pursue for years, and getting it.

I've received a commission for not one but TWO projects - a large painting, and a mosaic design, both for our former church.  I've been working on the mosaic design (as a community project for the church - a similar mosaic project was a great success several years ago), and I want to start the preliminary drawings for the painting later today.  The theme is Pentecost, and they've asked for both designs to be quite abstract.  This commission was actually mentioned to me as a possibility last fall, and at that time (immediately, while talking with them about it) an image suggested itself to me.  It's been stuck in my head ever since, so now is the time to finally get it turned into reality in two variations.

Tonight, while SG has tutoring, I'll get to spend a couple hours at Barnes & Noble, with a cup of my favorite decaf cafe mocha and a good book (that I plan to buy).  I am very much looking forward to this time to myself.  Funny, I have time during the day - but at home, it's not the same, surrounded by the usual merry-go-round of chores and family stuff.


Attitude, attitude, attitude - my own, and my kids' (especially Princess Yakyak, who's been acting very hormonal for a 9 year old, not to mention the GIRL DRAMA), and my husband's.  We've all been struggling lately, for various reasons.

Too busy - we knew it would be like this through the end of the school year, with my husband's new job, the bathroom renovation project, school winding down, soccer for PYY and tutoring for SG, not to mention our usual duties with Boy Scouts and church activities.  Stop the world, I want to get off!  July can't get here soon enough for all of us.

Sibling rivalry.  The kids have been on each others' nerves a LOT lately, and so they've been on mine and my husband's nerves too.  Lots of Aspergers moments with SG, lots of drama from PYY, lots of "It's not fair!" and he said/she said moments all around.  In other words, just life with two strong-willed, smart kids.  (How in heaven's name do people survive having more than two kids and raising them to be pleasant, productive adults??  I bow at your feet in awe. . . .)

Geriatric pet issues.  'Nuff said.


  1. Your list of positives was longer than the list of negatives....that's a blessing right there! So glad that SG is taking to the tutoring!!!

    We are in the midst of hectic chaos, too. I hate feeling over-scheduled, right now that's all I feel....but this too shall pass!

  2. Like a kidney stone, maybe, but it WILL pass, lol!