Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Here Comes The Rain Again

Our long, cool, wet spring this year has its own beauties, even while I'm longing for sun and warmer temperatures.  The land is as green and colorful as Oz right now, lush in a way that rarely lasts long in the northeastern U.S.  A little bit of warmth and we'll feel positively tropical as the earth breathes humidity while it dries out. 

I'm sure the wet weather is giving our local agricultural community fits, though - they can't prepare and sow their fields when its this wet.  Many crops will be in the ground later than usual this year.  It's easy to forget that farming is the #1 industry in the state of New York.  It seems like everyone outside of the state (and way too many inside the state) thinks the urban centers are the be-all and end-all of life and commerce here.

Princess Yakyak had soccer practice yesterday, in the rain, on a field the consistency of oatmeal.  The girls were game and enjoyed themselves - lots of giggling was heard through the splashing and squishing.  PYY was a cold, bedraggled mud puppy when she got home, and my husband shooed her immediately into the tub, a trail of muddy handprints and sopping articles of clothing documenting her trail through the house.  She slept well last night, though.

Safety Guy had his second session of math tutoring yesterday, still with a good attitude.  He really does want the help, and I think it's easier for him that it's away from his school and normal circle of friends and classmates.  I'm really impressed that he's handling this change in routine and this new activity with such a good attitude. 

It's also the time of year for standardized testing in school for both of our kids, in math and English/language arts.  We won't get the results back until later this summer.  I'll be interested to see how they test.  I expect PYY to do just fine.  SG's test performance varies wildly, and isn't the best indicator of what he can  really do.  Thank goodness the school year is almost over.  The next hurdle is his CSE meeting in early June, where we can evaluate his progress this year and set goals for next year.  It's been a trip, but overall a good one in spite of the bullying issue.  I don't regret returning them to public school at all.

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