Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'd Rather Be Gardening. . . .

. . . .  than dealing with my daughter's attitude issues and trying to clean the house at the same time.  Oh. My. Goodness.  The drama is just amazing today.  Tantrums, excuses, legal wrangling worthy of Law & Order, logic more twisted than a bag of pretzels, tears, accusations, blame-shifting, denial, whining, and enough Mean Mom Merit Badges for a whole TROOP of mothers.  Gaaaah!!  But I'm winning.  This parenting girls thing is exhausting.

Of course, parenting Safety Guy is just as fun as parenting his sister. He's just having a better week than she is.  He even ate a hamburger last night.  What might be a "So what?" for any other kid is a BIG DEAL for him, since he has never liked hamburgers, or any food involving ground beef (it's a sensory/texture thing).  He actually ate a fast food burger at his friend E.'s house last night, with enough ketchup to drown several burgers, and said he liked it.  Our son ate a burger!  Hooray!!   Wait, oh no, now he'll want to eat burgers - I can see the money flying out of our wallet now. . . .

So, I'm going to post some garden photos, just to remind myself that there's life aside from raising kids.  Here's what's going on around the yard this week:

 It's iris season.  This is an unknown heirloom, 
from my friend Sharon's farm.

 The north side of our house, my mostly shady garden.

 Sedum 'Angelina,' a gorgeous bright chartreuse year-round.

 The little rhododendron that I didn't think was going to make it.  
It's determined to prove me wrong.

 Oriental poppy 'Brilliant,' one of my favorite flowers EVER.  
I love the screaming orange-red contrasted with the muted purple anthers.
I've got to try to paint this someday.

 Violet purple lupines, winter sown 2010 and now blooming.

 Lily of the valley from my friend Kim - I love the fragrance.

 Iris 'Striped Butterfly,' a gorgeous heirloom I brought from our old house.

 'Meadow Lark,' another heirloom iris I brought along during the move.

 Hosta 'Piedmont Gold,' another transplant from the old house.  
Amazing color.

 My little dogwood tree is blooming.  
It's rallying from it's rabbit-nibbling injury over the winter.
We'll see how it does through the next winter.

 Chive blossoms - lovely in their own way.

 The east side of the house, and the partially painted deck.  
We need more dry weather before we can finish the deck; 
we may be waiting a while.

 A lovely blue iris.  I can't remember the name now (oops), but it's still a beauty.

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