Friday, May 6, 2011

In The Garden

There's a lot going on in the garden all of sudden.  All that moisture for the past few weeks, and now some warmer, sunny weather, and things are really starting to move.  The yard is also drying out enough that I can work at the back of it, in the raised bed boxes my wonderful husband made for me last fall and earlier this spring.

The past couple days I've planted all sorts of things:  pak choi and romanesco broccoli from my winter sowing efforts, eggplant and leeks I bought at Lowes, petunias and pansies, and zinnias, callibrachoa and "spikes" from a local green house.   Being out in the sun has felt so good.

The little cherry tree is past blooming already, and the daffodils have fizzled out, but the tulips are in full swing. I've been pulling some weeds and grass out of beds every day, trying to keep ahead of the rising tide of misplaced greenery. 

I have many winter sown plants that aren't quite big enough to plant out yet.  The long, cool spring has delayed germination and growth.  Hopefully in another week or two most of the seedlings will be big enough to go into the garden.  I was starting to wonder if my peppers and tomatoes were ever going to sprout (even though I know in the back of my mind that they would wait for warmer temps to germinate), but the past couple days I've seen signs of life in their containers.  I want to get all of the containers off my deck as soon as I can, because we're going to paint the deck later this month.

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