Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Painting Again - Finally

My creative instincts are starting to function again, and it's a good thing.  I've received a commission to do a painting and the design for a large mosaic for Union Center Christian Church in Endicott, New York.  They will also be having a show and sale of my work the same weekend the painting is given to the church.  The theme of both the painting and the mosaic is Pentecost.  I'm finally  getting the chance for some mental housekeeping, since I've had an image stuck in my head since we first talked about the possibility of this commission last year.  My friends at Union Center have been very supportive of my efforts to turn my art into a reality, and they encouraged me to participate in several of the art shows hosted by the church over the past five years.  I hope I can do justice to this work for them.

This will be my biggest painting to date, at 18" x 24" on a deep, gallery-wrapped canvas.  I did the first stages of the image today, and I'll be adding to it over the next couple days before I'm ready to "overdraw" it.  (I haven't decided if I'll stick with the Micron markers for that, or use a very fine brush and black paint.)  I hope it turns out like I imagine.  I'm sure it will go through some changes before it's done.  I want it finished by the end of the weekend, or early next week at the latest.

I'm taking pictures at each step of the painting, so I'll have a chronology to share here when I'm finished.  The design for the mosaic has been agreed on, and now I'm sourcing and pricing materials.  I found some amazing little glass tiles that are root-beer brown with iridescent copper streaks that will a great accent color.  I'll be scoping out more materials tonight while our son is at Sylvan for tutoring.  Princess Yakyak was with me last night as I went to Lowes and Home Depot to look at tiles, and she was happy to be my "color consultant."  The painting will be in brighter, more primary/jewel tones, and the mosaic will be in earth tones, but similar in their treatment of the theme of Pentecost.

The mosaic will be a community project, where I'll draw the design on the wood frame (being constructed by another member of the congregation), and everyone at church will have the opportunity to work with me to place the tiles one Sunday at two services (morning and evening).  I'll grout the mosaic a few days later.  I'm excited to have this chance to see and work with so many old friends.  Even though I love our new church here, I still feel very much at home at Union Center.  Pentecost Sunday isn't that far away - I need to get moving, and hopefully these two projects and the show will help me to regain some creative momentum.

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