Saturday, May 14, 2011

Will Work For Electronics

We had fun going to garage sales today.  Princess Yakyak was a bit tetchy this morning, but seemed to regain her good humor once we finally got out the door.  (We had a go-round of, "I can't find my wallet - someone must have moved it!"  "No one moved your wallet - where did you leave it last?"  Turns out it was in her book bag, which is not where it usually gets left.  She was convinced someone else put it there.  Arrgh, someday she'll really LISTEN when I tell her that she needs to be responsible for her stuff.  Maybe when she has kids of her own.)

We hit a number of sales, and today was Safety Guy's lucky day.  Not only did he find a DVD (G-Force) and a book, but also a good record turntable and speakers.  He also found a PS1 game system with a bunch of games and a controller.  He now owes me five hours of yard work to make up the money he owes me.  He's delighted with his finds, and willingly agreed to schlep mulch and top soil around the yard and help me with other outdoors chores.  (I asked him several times if he was sure, pointing out that he would have to work for me with a good attitude.  He swore he could do it.  Hopefully he won't try to renege on his deal, or I'll be the proud owner of a PS1, turntable and speakers. . . .)  Princess Yakyak found some goodies, too - a couple horse books, a DVD (Racing Stripes), a tiny stuffed giraffe, a kids' digital camera, and a handful of cheap tchotchkes.  A trip to Dunkin' Donuts on the way home made life complete for all of us.

I must be crazy.  Nothing electronic bought used ever works perfectly the first time, and drama is inevitable.  (And we really don't need drama today - my husband is tiling the bathroom, and our son has a friend over for the day.)  But I seem to have lucked out for a change:  the turntable works fine, my husband has an amplifier Safety Guy can use (temporarily) with his turntable and speakers, and the PS1 worked on the first try.  We're still figuring out the camera (which luckily said "never been used" and came with directions and accessories).

What did I get today?  A book.  And the fun of treasure hunting with the kids.  We'll do it again sometime later in the summer.

I'm enjoying the sounds of Safety Guy and his friend E. in the basement, playing on the PS2.  I'm hearing lots of good humored joking, exclamations of, "Whoa, dude!", and the occasional body noise (don't ask - they're 12, and that's all you need to know).  And encouragement, from each of them for the other.  That's amazing to me, and I'm so glad to hear them building each other up.  E. has stood up for Safety Guy in class against the bullies, and come in for some bullying himself for his stand.  Safety Guy has done the same for his friend.  I'm glad we were able to get them together for the day, and that it's working out so well.

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