Friday, June 3, 2011

How To Give A Scout Master Heart Failure

How to give a Scout Master heart failure: 
Step 1, The Scout Master starts teaching the boys how to properly use an axe.  He demonstrates, gives the safety lecture, and supervises each boy as they try to hack a piece of wood.
Step 2, He gives an axe to our son. 
Step 3, He watches Safety Guy raise it high (and at 6' tall, he can raise it HIGH) and bring it down hard - and miss the wood and bounce it off his ankle, on an angle so that the blade is away from him and he just knocks himself with the side of it. 
Step 4, The other Scouts watch the Scout Master freak out, while our son thinks it's no big deal.
Step 5 - The Scout Master decides our son can practice this skill with a hatchet instead of a full-sized axe from now on. . . .

(And, the next time our son says, "I almost cut my leg off at Scouts today," I'll ask more questions and won't think he's exaggerating.)

Yep, some motor skills just aren't gelling for him yet.

We told this story to his OT at school this morning, during his CSE meeting, when she told us his visual-motor coordination is lacking. Yep, we've noticed.  (Since he walked into garbage cans at the mall when he was 2, we've noticed.  That's one reason he had over a year of vision therapy, and receives OT now.  Times like this make me wonder if PT might not be a good idea too.)


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