Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Last week our Safety Guy got his final report card of the year.  We're so proud of him - he got his highest marks all year for the last quarter, including pulling his math grade up from an F to a C.  That's HUGE for him, and welcome confirmation that deciding to send him to Sylvan Learning Center for math help was the right decision.  The encouragement and success he's having there with math seems to be carrying over into his other classes as well.  He's proud of himself, too, which is wonderful.  Way to go, Safety Guy!

Princess Yakyak had another great marking period as well.  She's more of a natural student than her brother.  Many things come easier to her than to him, but she has her own areas of difficulty where she has made really good progress this year.  Good job, Princess Yakyak!

I'm still a little apprehensive about our son's upcoming seventh grade year.  Mostly it's the social stuff that concerns me (that's always the 500 lb. gorilla in the room as far as Safety Guy is concerned), although I'm sure the tougher academics will be an issue too.  I'm also very curious to see how Safety Guy handles taking French.  He learns by ear very well, so I'm willing to bet that acquiring the accent and speaking will be much easier for him than reading/writing the language.  And, I won't be able to help him unless I learn the language right along with him (there's a good chance of that).  I took Spanish for many years, and I was hoping he'd pick that foreign language option, but I left the choice up to him.  I have visions of him acting out Inspector Clouseau, since Safety Guy loves the old Pink Panther cartoons and the newer movies with Steve Martin. . . .

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