Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer's New Normal

We're finding our footing for the summer, the "new normal" of a looser schedule with different activities.  We have more flexibility for some things, but we still have Safety Guy's tutoring three days a week.  Scouts continues once a week, and the usual weekend pleasure of going to church.  The best thing is sleeping in a little more (no early bus to catch).  The most difficult thing is reteaching the kids how to make good use of their free time.

I think I spent a good chunk of the first week telling Princess Yakyak that it was her job to amuse herself, not mine.  Safety Guy is pretty good at occupying himself, but he's more of a solo act to begin with.  PYY has always been a people-person, preferring to play with someone, and if enough people aren't around, she's Mommy's Girl.  The problem is, Mom is more of a solo person like Safety Guy, so sometimes I have to remind my favorite little Cling-on to go find something else to do besides ask me for attention every five minutes.  We seem to be reaching equilibrium now, thankfully.

Tomorrow we'll be getting a family membership to the local pool.  I can see we'll be there a lot this summer.  The kids can have sun and fun and hours of exercise and diversion, and I can sit in the shade and draw.  Last summer I got an amazing amount of drawing accomplished while watching the kids at the pool.  I think I'll start bringing my own chair there, though.  I am not a sun-worshiper or a heat-lover, so the aluminum benches in full sun on concrete are a total non-starter for me.  The wood benches in the shade are not any more comfortable (they're just two slats of wood across a couple uprights, very minimalist), even if they are cooler.

Safety Guy's anxiety medication seems to be working, although it's hard to tell how much of his recent calmer demeanor is due to the med and how much is due to school being over for the summer and he's finally relaxing from that constant anxiety.  We saw his pediatrician yesterday, and I like this doctor more every time we see him.  Dr. L. agrees that we may be seeing the benefit of the med and the lack of school stress at the same time, and he's willing to see us once a month to adjust the dosage if necessary between now and early fall.  He understands that returning to school will be a huge stressor to Safety Guy, and brought up the fact that he may need a higher dosage to smooth the transition.  A doctor that GETS IT.  Thank you, Lord!

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  1. Glad the pool is a close by option that works for both kids!