Sunday, July 3, 2011

Around the Yard This Week

 Rose 'Gold Medal' at sunset - such a wonderful, glowing color.

Things are blooming in earnest now, and the flower beds have filled in nicely for the most part.  Here are some photos from around the yard this week:

'Russian Yellow' hollyhocks, winter sown in 2010 and finally blooming now.  
They're paler than I expected, but still quite lovely.  
I hope they set lots of seed so I can 
keep it going and have some to share.

An unnamed Oriental lily, beautiful after a summer shower.

Shasta daisy 'Becky,' in low-angle light at sunset.

 Daylily 'Dear Ruth,' a charming mini-flowered plant.

One of my own seedlings, 'Prince of Sharon' x 'Clarification,' sown in 2007.  
This one made the move with us and bloomed for the first time last year.
It's a BIG flower (over 6 1/2").  I'm trying to think of a good name for it.

A fluffy white goatsbeard plume, back-lit by the evening sun.
Goatsbeard (Aruncus dioicus) is a gorgeous, tough native Eastern U.S. plant.
 It looks like a giant astilbe; it's leaves have a wonderful corduroy texture.

A dark orange-red zinnia.  I love zinnias, they're so bold and cheerful.

 Hydrangea 'Quick Fire,' which is supposed to have its flowers
change color from white to dark salmon-red by fall.

 A cascade of blanket flowers (gaillardia).  Nothing subtle about them!

 Daylily 'Ida Miles,' a wonderful, fragrant oldie.

Daylily 'Galaxy Explosion,' a smaller spider-form lily with a bold eye.

 Daylily 'Dallas Star,' an oldie but goody.  It's another big flower, over 7".

White nasturtiums - an unusually pure white for a nasturtium.


  1. Gorgeous flowers, the Oriental lily is one of my favorites!

    We went to the Oxbow Falls disc golf park. There are a lot of great trails, one leads right to the water and has swimming holes. ;)

  2. I've got to take the kids there sometime. Or at least PYY - she and I are the "climb on rocks and get muddy and wet" kind of people in our family. SG will be at Scout Camp next week, so we can have some "girls only" adventures.