Friday, July 29, 2011

Dusting Off Some Old Stuff

I've been updating my Etsy shop lately, trying to get back on top of promoting and selling my work.  No sales yet, but it's been interesting to relist and revisit some items that have been "gathering dust" for quite a while.  I really miss doing the ceramics, but I haven't found a studio to work with up here yet.  The next time I'm down visiting my parents, I'll check out the studio in Corning that I used to work with - it's under new management, so I'll have to see if they will be willing to work with me for a reasonable charge.  I'm really at the point where I need my own kiln to take this part of my work any farther.  I think next year may be THE year for me to get a small kiln of my own, one just big enough to do tiles, ornaments, pendants and small items.

Anyhow, some of the items I found were some tiles I've done.  I love doing tiles - it's just like working on a nice, flat canvas.  If someone gave me a dozen bisque tiles, I'd happily sit all weekend and decorate them.  I'm sure there has to be a way to present and market them as art pieces (because that's what they're intended to be).  I think I'll have to invest in some decorative stands to offer in my shop so people can have that option when they purchase a tile.  I also offer to put felt pads or to epoxy a picture hanger to the back, so they can be used as trivets or wall art.  My husband has offered to try to make wooden frames for them, too, and I might toss that project his way over the winter, when he has time to experiment.

I've had another project stuck in my head for a while.  I'd like to do a large, round platter as a piece of wall art.  I created a picture for our daughter several years ago, a combination of abstraction and realism that looks like a pond viewed from above, including waterside plants, rocks, water plants, and small water creatures (fish, turtle, frog, dragonfly).  I can so clearly imagine that smaller work in marker redone as a larger image on a beautiful ceramic circle.  I'd have to really trust the studio firing the work, though, since it would be monumentally aggravating to put all that work into the decoration then have something go wrong in the firing that could be attributed to someone elses' error.  Ceramics includes a random element - every trip through the kiln is a new adventure, and sometimes things go wrong and you don't know why, or you do know why, but it's nobody in particular's fault - it's just part of the process.  But human error happens too.


  1. The tiles are lovely, and as art on a stand would be beautiful...but seeing that red one made me wonder if there would be a market at all for those as a 'pop' in a backsplash piece or behind a stove, etc., maybe a series of 3 designed to be staggered in a tile wall or something. THAT would be eye catching, original and definitely a gorgeous was to see the art and appreciate it. Hope you are able to get that kiln you've been dreaming of. :)

  2. Thanks, Blondee! They certainly could be used in a backsplash. I've always done them as one-offs, not in sets, but I'll consider doing that. Tiles are really inexpensive. My bottleneck is production. Getting my own kiln would solve that issue nicely. Then, too, no one has ever BOUGHT one of my tiles, lol. I feel stuck in the chicken/egg predicament of all small businesses: I need to invest in the business so I can make items to sell, but I need items to sell so I can expand the business.