Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Great Bathroom Redo

We're mostly done with the half bath remodeling project we started a couple months ago.  All that's left now are finishing details (towel bars, pictures).  What do you think?

We love the color - it really glows in the afternoon light, and is nice and warm at night.  After thinking of making that room very pale blue, we decided that was too cold for our taste.  With somewhere around 6 months of cool/cold/cloudy/wintery weather in CNY, we opted for a color that would feel warm no matter what season we were enjoying.  My husband did the lion's share of the work (lighting, trim, tile, new faucet, toilet, painting) - didn't he do a great job?  All I did was some of the painting/trim work, and the window valance/rod. 

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