Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot - Hot - Hot

The midwest heat wave slid into the northeast this week, and it has been dangerously hot for the past few days.  Thursday we topped out around 101F, with heat indices approaching 110.  And, to make it even more interesting, it was quite humid, and windy.  Not a little zephyr, but a good stiff breeze that did nothing to cool anything down.  Opening the door to go outside or get out of the car was like opening the oven while baking cookies:  this wave of hot air whooshed over you and took your breath away.  You couldn't walk for more than a few steps without breaking a sweat all over.  We spent the hot days this week hustling from a/c to a/c as we did our appointments and errands.

We went to the pool earlier in the week to beat the heat, but didn't make it into the water on the hottest day of the year (so far) because Safety Guy had brought a nasty cough home from camp, and we took him to the doctor when it became clear it wasn't going away on its own.  We had the privilege of paying the doctor on call to tell us that it was just allergies, and she suggested we might try giving him Claritin.  Sigh.  But I'm glad it wasn't bronchitis, which was what I was afraid it might be.  The Claritin seems to be working for him.

Safety Guy has a birthday party to go to today, for his friend C., who was his classmate last year.  C. has Aspergers too, only more so than Safety Guy does.  They get along great, when they aren't on each others' nerves.  That seems to be the story of Safety Guy's friendships with boys his own age; there's not a whole lot of "in between" when they're together.  He and his friend E. are the same way, and so it is with him and the guys in his Boy Scout troop.  Initially Safety Guy said he didn't want to go to the party (which is being held at a local pool), but we decided that he ought to give it a try, because C. had called him personally to invite him - a big step for C.  So Safety Guy will be going today to hang out with his friend at the pool, with whatever other kids are invited.  I hope it goes well for him.

I always have my reservations about these group social situations for our son.  We don't avoid putting Safety Guy in them (he has to learn how to handle them), but we're well aware of the pitfalls.  Coming off camp last week, which was VERY stressful for SG, I'm a bit more cautious than usual.  Still, in this case we know that C.'s mother Mimi is familiar with Safety Guy, and totally unflapped by any Aspergers issues that may arise, and she's well able to handle them.  It helps that it's at a pool - Safety Guy loves being in the water.  Hopefully it will be a good afternoon's diversion for him, and he'll have fun.

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