Monday, July 18, 2011

Like Riding A Bicycle, Part 2


 Torquemada would be proud to see this in such wide use -
one of the best modern methods of self-flagellation.

I got on my husband's bike a few weeks ago, to go riding with Princess Yakyak.  I hadn't been on a bike in upwards of 10 years.  Still, I got on and went, with only a little minor unsteadiness for the first few minutes.  It was very pleasant to go for a ride.  In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I've decided that I need to get a bike of my own now.  So, that's what I'm getting for my birthday from my parents - money toward a new bike - and I'm actually quite excited about that.

 This seat might be much kinder and gentler to my, um, dignity.

My husband's bike just doesn't suit me.  Aside from the fact that whenever I ride it I have to lower the seat a bit, it has one of those awful, narrow, hard torture devices seats that weren't made for the comfort of the average human heiny, and especially not for my particular middle-aged female heiny.  I'm going to find a bike that suits my height (and my behind), and I don't care how unfashionably big and cushy the seat is.  I'm not riding to impress anyone, I just want the fun and the exercise.  If I lost enough weight to justify wearing those colorful spandex riding outfits (BWAHAHAHAHAAAA! - I hate the idea of wearing spandex) then I might be able to physically stand using one of those skinny saddles.  Or, the more likely scenario, no matter what weight I lose, I'll just wear whatever I darn well please, and enjoy my comfy bike seat no matter how far/long I ride.

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