Sunday, August 14, 2011

Family Day Trip

 The fountain park near the Corning Inc. headquarters building.  
The tower in the background is "Little Joe," where the company 
used to draw glass tubing for thermometers.  
(There's an image of a glassblower at the top of the tower.)

Yesterday we took a day trip to visit family around Corning, NY.  We really enjoyed the trip down - all of us were in a good mood, and we talked a lot.  The kids were full of questions and comments about all sorts of stuff, and we enjoyed being together.  We never get tired of the drive down between the Seneca and Cayuga lakes.  We got to spend time with my husband's family, and squeezed in a quick visit to see my parents.

 An Impressionist view upward through the trees in the park we visited.

We had dinner out at the Atlas Pizzeria.  It was some truly awesome pizza - you can customize your own personal pizza, or choose from their large assortment of special pizzas, or get slices, calzones, lasagna, and more.  They also do their own cheesecake and cannoli (which we didn't sample this time, but I want to try it the next time we're there).  If you're ever in Corning to see the museums, it's a great place to eat.

After the meal we took a little side trip to check out the fountain in the park by the river downtown.  The fountain is a great summer gathering place, and the area around the fountain is "paved" with the same rubber foundation used for playground mats, so kids can safety play in the splashing water.  We were the only ones there late in the day, and the kids really enjoyed shucking their sandals and playing in the water.

Safety Guy and Princess Yakyak - barefoot and fancy free.

We took a short drive around town to visit my husband's old neighborhood - some nostalgia and good memories.  Someday I'd like to take my family to see where I grew up, near Cleveland, Ohio.  My husband was there with me once, a long time ago.  My kids have never seen my old home, except on Google Maps or old photos.  Someday I'd like to drive around my old town, and visit some old friends who still live there.

 Hector Falls on the way home yesterday, on Rte. 414 below Hector, NY.  
I love these falls in all seasons; they're right beside the road.

As we drove home, we knew there would be some thunderstorms about.  When we got above Watkins Glen and started to climb the hill on 414, we could see cloud-to-cloud lightning in the distance, north and west of us.  The light show went on and on; the storm was stalled in one place, so we skirted it to the east.  It was really magnificent, the sun setting behind the mass of clouds, the lightning flicking in and out of them, and to the east the clear sky and the full moon rising.  It was one of the most unusual weather scenes I've had the pleasure to see.  As darkness fell, the light show went on and on, slowly drifting our direction but never actually getting to us.  We saw not a single drop of rain, although some of the lightning was forking the ground just a handful of miles away.  As we turned east onto I-90, the lightning continued behind us  The clouds were behind us and north of us, the edge of the storm was over us, and the sky was clear with the full moon sailing to our south.  Magnificent!  I wish I could have taken video of it.  If I'd taken pictures out the two sides of the car as we drove, you wouldn't think we were in the same vehicle on the same trip.

Safety Guy played DJ with his MP3 player as we drove, so we got to listen to a really wild mix of music (including Daft Punk, The Bee Gees, The Police, Michael Jackson, Journey, Men At Work, Elvis vs. JXL, and Huey Lewis and the News). 


  1. Sounds like a super family day! I love the pic of the kids in the fountain and the one of the truly beautiful.

  2. It was a lovely day - such a blessing to be able to see family and enjoy some relaxed fun and beauty along the way.