Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Keeping Busy

Only three weeks of summer vacation left for the kids.  Princess Yakyak is totally ready for school to start - if it started tomorrow, she'd be thrilled.  She needs the social stimulation and busy-ness of school, and she's anxious to see who's in her class.  Safety Guy is less thrilled that summer is winding down, and showing some anxiety about the transition, but he's ready for school to begin too.

Safety Guy had his orientation for seventh grade today, 1:1 with the guidance counselor (since we'll be out of town for the big group orientation in a couple weeks).  He'll have all the usual classes (English, social studies, math, science, health, phys ed), as well as a resource time, a study hall, and what they call Tech (and my generation called Shop Class).  No French this year, and no required music, because of his extra resource time.  We can live with that - I'd rather he focus on the fundamentals with the extra help.  I'm hoping his primary teacher will "click" with him, and have a firm hand on his class (which is likely to include many of the same kids/same behavioral issues as last year).

We did a little back to school shopping today.  Princess Yakyak is easy - she's more than willing to try things on, and good about going along with modest choices.  She picked out two nice shirts today, but didn't like the pants she tried on.  I'll take her out again next week for jeans and a jacket.  Safety Guy used to be really oppositional about trying clothes on (making shopping for his jeans a real PITA), but over the past couple years he's gotten much better.  Once he realized that trying things on gave him MORE choice, not less, he decided to go along with it.  Now we pick out items together based on looks, size and price, and he tries them on in privacy, then gives me the thumbs up/down.  He has his own taste (fairly conservative/casual, with a preference for cargo jeans, T-shirts with logos and characters on them, and hoodies), which I'm okay with.  He knows I have veto power over what the shirts say/advertise.  He also got a new backpack, one of the ones with thick elastic drawstrings instead of heavy backpack straps/buckles - he's delighted.  Sometimes it's the little things, isn't it? 

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