Monday, August 22, 2011

Of Fluffy Cats And Paint

Princess Yakyak decided the pretty yellow cat-print-shaped blob 
would be the sun.

This weekend Princess Yakyak learned why she cannot leave her paint projects on the kitchen table.  Especially uncovered wet paint on a piece of paper being used as a palette.  Our fluffy cat, Sophia, walked through the wet paint.  She missed the other color blobs, but stepped squarely in the bright sunshine yellow.  Then she proceeded to walk across Princess Yakyak's work in progress, across the table, then jumped off onto the floor.  She meandered across the kitchen and into the computer room, and started washing her paw, which is when saw her bright mustard yellow foot and noticed that she was leaving a trail.

Ack!  Not only did I have to clean the paint off the floor ASAP, but off of Sophia, because I a) didn't want her to track the bright yellow paint onto the carpet, and b) didn't know if the paint was toxic to cats.  So I scooped her up, took her to the sink, and washed her paw.  Oooh, she was not happy with me!  She squiggled and struggled, I got scratched once, but I soaked her paw and wiped it off with paper towels.  Lots of paper towels.

So of course I took a second to snap a photo of my technicolor kitty's paw.

I put her down and went to clean up the trail she'd left.  Then I realized she was still leaving a trail as she stalked around the kitchen and glared at me while she tried to dry off her paw - this time tracks of damp, watery yellow.  I picked her up once more (she was NOT amused at ALL - if looks could kill, I'd have been bacon, extra crispy), and I washed her paw AGAIN (soap, lots of water, lots of paper towels).  She'd squished the thick yellow acrylic paint well up in between her very fuzzy toes, and her plush paw acted like a nice, absorbent sponge.  I got most of the paint off of her eventually, cleaned the paint off of myself (I looked like someone had tried to paint me with watercolors where her flailing wet paw had swiped at me), and I gave the floor another once-over.  The tablecloth was a write-off - good thing I buy cheap vinyl ones and replace them every couple months anyhow.

Sophia avoided me for the rest of the day, and meowled and squirmed when my husband picked her up in the evening.  Poor Tech Guy, he had no idea why Sophia was so annoyed with him.  I had to explain that I had ticked her off by cleaning her paw after the paint incident.  Sophia eventually forgave me, but it took most of the weekend.

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  1. Well, imagine if you 'created' some work and someone grabbed you, tried to wipe you vigorously, then proceeded to clean off all of your artistry! As if that wouldn't be insulting enough they proceed to grab you again and soap you up and wash you again! Poor kitty, probably lost all of her inspiration for a good long while.... lol