Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rainy Weekend Blahs

We've started a daily rain/thunderstorm pattern that's supposed to last most of the week.  Yesterday I had a persistent, uncomfortable sinus headache (better than The Weather Channel at forecasting a big change in the weather patterns) which left me feeling rather out of it for most of the day.  No headache today, but I've got a plugged ear - everything sounds like it's coming through a big seashell on my left, lol.  No big deal, and hopefully it will clear up without getting infected. 

The rain held off until lunch time today, so my husband and kids went out with the Boy Scouts on a community service project - clearing a section of the Link Trail (a hiking trail between the Erie Canal Trail and the Finger Lakes Trail).  I had a counseling appointment, so they were on their own, and I got some space that I badly needed after a long, stressful week.   It was nice to drive with just my music for company.  Sometime this fall I want to do a day trip on my own, just for the pleasure of driving and seeing the scenery.

My husband, being a brave soul, also took the kids and Princess Yakyak's friend T. to the local animal shelter this afternoon.  PYY is determined to volunteer there as soon as she's old enough (in a couple years).  No, they didn't come home with a new pet, but I did think it was amusing that my husband was drawn to the exact same pets I was when I visited there earlier in the week with PYY - the same black and white young male cat with mannerisms so much like my Bad Cat, and the same medium-sized young black/tan mixed hound/lab dog with the pleading, soulful eyes.  My husband - what a softy. . . .

I had vague notions of cooking out for dinner tonight, but the radar turned solid green around noon and the rain settled in for a long soaking.  I had to go for Plan B:  hot Italian poultry sausage with peppers and onions in sauce, with spaghetti.  The house smells so good right now!  And in a little while I need to bake cookies for church tomorrow - oatmeal-chocolate chip-walnut, my husband's favorite.  I don't bake as much over the summer, so this will be a real treat. 


  1. Okay, what is the hot italian poultry sausage stuff??? Sounds amazing!!

  2. I buy it at Wegmans, it's in their regular meat case (far right side, past the chicken & turkey). They make hot and mild varieties, both patties and links. I use it in pasta sauce, and in jambalaya. It's a LOT less fatty than the pork sausage, and tastes great.