Saturday, September 17, 2011

Boys and Classic Cars

Last weekend I took Safety Guy and his friend M. to a classic auto show.  It was a pretty good sized one, and I had a great time hanging out with the guys.  They looked at every. single. car.  And they enjoyed browsing through the flea market that was set up there too.  Safety Guy found some hot wheels type cars, and M. found some other sports-related goodies.  The guys had a great time, and Safety Guy got to practice being patient with someone else's pet obsessions as M. hunted for Red Sox memorabilia and WWF action figures.  Here are some photos of our day at the auto show:

We had a great time, and I got some "cool Mom" brownie points for being able to identify quite a few cars.  Although I pretended to get tired of Safety Guy asking me if I saw Car X when I was a kid, and teased him for making me feel old.  Just to be a smart alec he'd ask me if I'd seen Model Ts and WWII army jeeps as a kid. 

He's one cool kid, and his friend M. is really a great guy too - I'm glad they're friends.  They share the same schedule in school, too.  M. was really empathetic and asked me lots of questions about how Safety Guy thinks and feels.  They were in the same class last year, and M. saw Safety Guy being bullied, and how he reacted to various things.  I'm glad SG has a friend and ally at school again this year.  Everyone needs a friend like M.

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