Saturday, September 3, 2011

Home for the Holiday

After a week of running around all over Upstate NY, I'm glad to be home for the holiday weekend.  We had our fun earlier in the week, but now it's back to a normal-ish routine.  With school starting next week, the kids are antsy and edgy.  Heck, *I'M* antsy and edgy.  We'll all be better off when we can settle into the new fall routine.

Until then, we're tackling some home upkeep projects, the biggest one being cleaning out and rearranging our garage.  My husband was given some old cabinets by a neighbor to use as storage and work surfaces in the garage.  They've sat in a corner for a couple months, but now we're ready to get organized.  We have new baskets to hang on the walls for recyclables,  we'll be bringing the chest freezer up from the basement to the garage, putting the cabinets in place (after slapping a quick coat of paint on the wall behind them - the walls have never been painted, and we don't want to have to move everything again later), moving a shelf unit down to the basement for Safety Guy to use in his man cave (and coincidentally clean some of his stuff out of his bedroom), and maybe even installing hooks to hang the bikes for the winter.  All on a very humid day, but hey, it's exercise.  It will feel good to have that project done.

And there's the incentive of ice cream from our favorite local soft-serve place when we're all done.  I need a sign:  "Will work for ice cream."  Maybe that would help me keep on top of the laundry better. . . .

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