Sunday, September 18, 2011

One Ringy-Dingy, Two Ringy-Dingies

Sometimes I just have to laugh.  Ah, Aspergers obsessions, gotta love 'em.  I'm counting my blessings that Safety Guy's pet interests aren't too weird, or obnoxious, or dangerous.  This could be worse:  he could be hooked on toilets, or weapons of mass destruction, or breeding night crawlers.  This week has been a merry-go-round of obsessions, two old and one sort of new:  cars, fire alarms, and rotary phones.

The cars are a constant.  He never gets tired of talking about them, pointing different ones out as we drive, watching them on YouTube or playing video games with them.  He often carries a handful of Matchbox-type cars in his pocket, to play with in spare moments (almost always crashing them together in slow motion and making very detailed, realistic sound effects to accompany the imaginary mayhem).  Nothing new there - it's just got a fresh lease on life after last weekend's auto show.

His newer obsession is an old rotary phone.  Safety Guy has always liked phones - not necessarily to talk on them, but because they a) have buttons or dials, and b) make cool sounds.  Couple that with his love of retro gizmos of all kinds, and I guess this weekend's purchase was inevitable.  He was at a Boy Scout activity this weekend, at a local festival that happened to have a couple "flea market" stalls among the crafts and exhibits.  He used half of his lunch money to buy an old, black rotary phone.  The thing is probably 30+ years old, and used to be mounted on a light green painted wall (you can tell from the paint smears on the sides), and Safety Guy is thrilled with it.  He keeps dialing it and listening to it clickety-click around and around.  He's dying to hear it actually RING.  My husband, bless him for being a techie guy and a good dad, is going to get whatever adapters and connections the phone needs and mount it in Safety Guy's man cave in the basement, so it can be used again.  Safety Guy can hardly wait.

This week he's full-throttle on fire alarms again too.  Listening to them on YouTube, looking for them everywhere he visits, telling me about them at the drop of a hat (any hat, and there's always a hat falling somewhere in the world, so for him any time is a good time to tell me all about fire alarms).  He got home from church today, tired from working in the nursery, and he made a beeline for the computer and started working through his playlist of fire alarm videos.  BEEEP BEEEP BEEEP, WEEEoooEEEEoooooEEEEooo, HONK HONK HONK HONK, blaaaat blaaaat blaaaat, dingalingalingalingalingaling, meep meep meep, aaaOOOOOgggaaaaaahhh. . . .

And he finds that relaxing???   AND he got Tech Guy to say "yes" to mounting an old fire alarm in the basement or the shed if Safety Guy ever manages to find one cheap.  (Ack!  NOOOOOOO!  See this post to understand my reaction.)  Oh well, I'm still counting my blessings.  And maybe buying ear plugs.

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