Monday, September 26, 2011

Hot Rods and a Running Start

 Another scene from the car show a couple weeks ago, a '69 Chevelle Malibu.  
My first car was THIS car - only mine had belonged to my grandpa, 
and was champagne colored with dark green vinyl bench seats, 
and wasn't a souped-up SS.
I still miss that car.  I called it Beast.  It was a great guy magnet, 
but they were always disappointed that it only had a 307 engine. . . .
Safety Guy says he'll buy me one when he's rich.  I love that kid!

This week is off to a running start - dental appointments for both kids, soccer practice for PYY, Sylvan for SG, homework all around, laundry, cooking, etc. etc.  And it's just Monday!  I'm live and as ready as I'll ever be for subbing, too, so I've been setting my alarm early and keeping the phone close so my husband doesn't have to answer it at o-dark-clock.

A Plymouth Superbird - familiar to anyone who's had a kid
obsessed with the movie Cars.

The dental appointments were a rousing success - something I never thought I'd say regarding Safety Guy and going to the dentist.  I LOVE this dentist!  He did the cleaning himself, to help SG get used to the new situation.  This has to be the coolest dental office ever, too - the small rooms have TVs on the ceiling, so the kids can see them while lying down, and the kids can pick the channel.  SG picked the Cartoon Network.  The dentist and SG hit it off right away, and with a combination of showing and telling SG everything he was going to do, quiet patter, teaching SG that if he breathed deeply and slowly he COULDN'T gag, and counting how long he could work uninterrupted, the appointment went smoothly.  I know I said this before, but I am so grateful that they GET IT there.  An added blessing was that neither kid had any cavities.  I guess that nagging them about brushing works.  (Much less pleasant was the surprise that when our insurance changed, we're no longer with one of their accepted insurances at this dental office, and we have to pay up front and get reimbursed by our insurance.  Yikes, I wasn't expecting to lay out over $300 today. . . .)

 I've forgotten what this is - 
but I'm sure Safety Guy could identify it for me.
He's turning into a walking encyclopedia of auto make/model/year info.

I got in a good walk today - a solid half hour, and a good sweat since it was in the 80s and humid.  Remember that song from that kids' Christmas special with Fred Astaire?  That's right, from Santa Claus Is Coming To Town:  "Put one foot in front of the other. . . ."  Good advice, so I'm doing it.

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