Thursday, September 29, 2011

Steep Learning Curve Ahead

Well, I'm back to work this week, and I can tell I'll be learning at a fast and furious pace for a while.  While I requested high school/jr. high/middle school in the local district, I could see anything from K-12, and when BOCES starts calling me, I'll be in multiple schools with children with a huge variety of needs, not to mention different schedules, administrative quirks, and routines.  I think I'll get a notebook, and make notes for each place I sub, so I can keep track of it all.  I'll be an "extra" tomorrow at the high school, which I think means I'll do whatever they need at that moment, probably in multiple classes.  Wheee!  But it's Friday, and I can do almost anything school-related for 41 minutes (the length of each class period).

 I've been trying to get back on top of the house cleaning, since it got away from me over the past week or so.  It hasn't helped that B. C. has been a very bad cat indeed.  We'd gotten lax about putting him in his cage when we weren't around to watch him, and he made a mess again.  That was today's chore - cleaning up after him.  Very sad - I'll have to really keep him caged unless I can find a way to keep him out of the family room (his chosen spot to mess).  If I can find a big enough baby gate, that might work between the counter and the wall.  This is the drawback to a fairly open floor plan, that I can't just close a door to keep him out of a room.  Poor old cat, I feel bad having to isolate him like that.

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