Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Daily Grind and Indian Summer

We seem to be settling into a new routine with my substitute teaching.  I'm a bit more comfortable in the high school/middle school now, and the rest of the family is getting used to me being out of the house more.  I've had mostly good subbing experiences, although I had one today that I don't ever want to repeat - thank the Lord that it was only one period out of a half day in the high school.  I've never had a class be that disrespectful and unmanageable.  I felt only a little better to have their regular teacher return and tell me that that's his worst class EVER, and the other teachers commiserated with me about it.

Safety Guy seems to be having more anxiety issues lately.  I'm not sure if that's related to school, to his upcoming birthday, to seasonal allergies, to the full moon, or to all of the above.  Today was a good day for him, though, and he seems more relaxed.  I hope that continues for him.  He was pretty upset over the weekend, and actually sought out hugs from me - highly unusual behavior from my "Don't embarrass me, Mom!" almost-teen son.

Princess Yakyak had a rough weekend, too.  She was moody, cranky, headachy, dramatic, and all that jazz.  She pushed it to the point of being grounded from friends and electronics for two days, and earned a handful of yukky extra chores.  She seems to be back on an even keel now, and hopefully we'll see a lower drama quotient for a few days.  I'm pretty sure she's becoming a young lady early and starting the hormone merry-go-round.  Poor thing (and poor US as her parents!).  And she had what appears to have been a migraine over the weekend.  Yep, she's my daughter all right - I had those awful headaches on at least a monthly basis (and often more frequently) through my 20s, due to hormones and stress.

After surviving the class period from hell this morning, I came home to get my head back together.  I'm still working on more little teddy bears (I've taken over a dozen to the gift shop, and I've got a bunch more finished or in process).  I also made time to go outside and plant some alliums, irises, and daffodils today.  Tuesday is our easy day as a family - no tutoring, no soccer, and no Boy Scouts.  Jambalaya for dinner tonight, too - something SPICY will go down good.

We've had our "Indian summer" over the past handful of days, well up into the 70s and gorgeous.  I did finally finish staining the deck, too.  The summer-like weather is supposed to end tonight, with rain and generally cooler temperatures over the next week, although not too cold.  I'm really glad I talked Tech Guy into leaving the air conditioners in for an extra couple weeks, though.  I don't do stuffy, humid heat well at all.  (I'd be a total failure at living in the Deep South, Gulf Coast or Mid-Atlantic.)

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