Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Power Of Boredom

 The last soccer game of the season.  
It was very chilly, maybe 45F.
The girls were running and stayed warm; we froze.

Safety Guy is learning the power of being bored.  That is, he was grounded from all electronics except his MP3 player this weekend.  Two and a half DAYS without any visual/electronic input - HORRORS!   In the absence of his TV, computer, and video game options, he rode his bike (a lot), went trainspotting (several times), read books, went to his sister's soccer game, played with his model railroad and talked.  A lot.  But he's also learned a valuable lesson:  if he gets into trouble at school, the consequences go on at home.  And those consequences aren't worth getting in trouble for.  Hopefully the message will stick for a while.

I haven't been bored.  I've had a pretty productive weekend, with cleaning, laundry, yard work, sewing, cooking, and relaxing all in the mix.  I planted more bulbs today ('Tricolor' crocus and 'Slim Whitman' daffodils), and started the process of pulling dying annuals in the big front flower bed.  Tuesday is supposed to be a really nice day, and I won't have school (conference day), so I'm hoping to finish the yard work then.  I still have to clean up the veggie garden beds, too.  I'll draft Safety Guy to help me schlep wheelbarrow loads of defunct nasturtiums to the compost pile.  He still owes me money for the stereo he bought earlier this year.

This week I can start my Christmas shopping.  I'm looking forward to that.  It's fun to plan the gifts for my family, and find just the right things.  This year maybe I'll be done a little ahead of time.  And I have to start my Operation Christmas Child boxes, too.  I love participating in OCC every year, and our kids look forward to helping with it too.  I'll have another post about that later this week, once we start packing some boxes.

Until then, I hope this week goes more smoothly than last week.

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