Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Random Thursday

- Last week Safety Guy got a very special delivery:  a real fire alarm.  He ordered it off of eBay.  My husband is going to rig it up to a switch to Safety Guy can test it whenever he wants once in a while, as long as he warns us ahead of time.  I can't wait. . . .

- A sub for the sub, or, sink or swim:  I've been subbing in the same class for three weeks, and it feels like months.  Mrs. K. did her best to prepare me for the day to day class work (she did really well), but I'm frequently tripped up by all the "little" things "everyone knows" but no one has thought to tell me directly.  Like how to submit the end of marking period grades on the computer.  (Finally done with help from the guidance counselor, after the grades mysteriously vanished from my classroom computer and I was apparently locked out of the system.  We still don't know why/how that happened.)  Or the tidbit of information that if I need a sub, they don't come for resource periods (so I should tell students I'm not available for those periods, not allow them to come, and then wonder where my sub is while my daughter is home alone because of early dismissal, waiting for me).  There's also the fun and games that come with being "out of the loop" as a sub.  Nobody tells me anything officially, so with a student from my class who was suspended out of school over a week ago, I've heard from everyone else (including other students who "see" him of Facebook) that he's out until February.  Um, yeah, I think I'm supposed to know some of these things ahead of time, or at least in a timely fashion?  Gotta love bureaucracies.

-  I dropped off a batch of ceramic ornaments, a votive candle holder, and a bunch of wooden ornaments at Hartsville Hollow.  It was nice to see the ladies there again.  They returned some items to me that haven't sold yet, and this weekend I'm going to rephotograph a bunch of them and list them in my Etsy shop.  I don't have super high hopes for selling much on there, but you never know.  If I don't list anything, I won't sell anything anyhow, so I might as well try.

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