Sunday, November 13, 2011

Black Gold

Today is the day:  I'm emptying out the compost bin.  I've enlisted Safety Guy to help me haul the finished compost to the raised beds.  (This led to a discussion of "How much will I get paid?"  The answer was, "Fifty cents per wheelbarrow load, but some of the other things I'll ask you to do to help as well will be free, just because you're part of the family.")  Later I'll be putting this fall's dead annuals and trimmings in the bin, and whatever isn't done "cooking" yet from this year can go back in the bin for another year as well.  I've got a single bin right now, but my husband plans on making me another one next year.

I'm not one to obsess over composting.  Like anything, it can be taken to an extreme, but I'm a simple, unhurried person.  In my world kitchen peelings and scraps and guinea pig waste and yard trimmings and weeds go in the top all year, and eventually compost comes out the bottom.  I'm not out to "cook" the pile in world-record time, and I'm not competing with anyone.  The slow but steady method works just fine for me.

So today I'm digging wheelbarrows full of gardener's black gold out of the compost bin.  It's a beautiful thing to see the cycle of life go around, and to have what was dead and useless be recycled and used to nurture and restore life in the garden.  It's a blessing to have a pleasant, warmish late fall day to work, and to have the physical ability to do so.  I hope your day is productive and peaceful too.

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