Saturday, November 12, 2011

First Snow and Family

We had our first serious snow of the season yesterday - a band of lake effect that settled over us for a couple hours and left a heavy inch or so of white all over everything.  It was dense snow, the kind that falls in clumps instead of individual flakes.  It was like being pelted with mini snow balls as I walked from the store to my car when it started falling.  It was also beautiful, like walking in a snow globe, and even exhilarating in a way, seeing the turn of the seasons click another notch.  The snow made me happy.  It was not so much fun to drive in, but, well, nothing's perfect.  It didn't melt right away, either, but hung on until late this morning, when the sun melted it all away, so it sparkled in the bright light under the blue sky.

My favorite part of the snow was seeing it coating the last few trees with leaves hanging on - the maples, with deep yellow leaves, rimmed with white.  Silver and gold.  It was so lovely.

Fall is almost over.  The trees are almost all bare and gray, the fields are brown and gold, and the last green is fast fading from the grass.  Thanksgiving will be here in a couple weeks, and I'm looking forward to seeing both sides of my family.  We'll spend Thanksgiving day with my husband's family at his sister's house.  That will be fun, sharing a big turkey dinner and all the trimmings in their wonderful old farm house.  The next day we'll have a big family get-together at my parents' house, with all of my sisters and their families.  No turkey and trimmings that day, but semi pot luck, with lasagna and chicken and whatever else we feel like bringing.  Most importantly, both days we'll all be TOGETHER, which is getting harder and harder to accomplish as life takes us in different directions.

I'm looking forward to the holiday season, my favorite time of the year for family traditions.  In a couple weeks it will be time to buy a tree to decorate - but for now, I'll enjoy the lead-up to Thanksgiving, and give thanks for my family and our blessings.  I hope you have a blessed holiday season too.

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