Monday, November 28, 2011


I just found out some really, really good news!  The victims of the buggy accident survived, and the two people in the SUV only had minor injuries.  You can see the news story here.  I am so grateful that they'll all eventually be okay.  My husband and kids are equally relieved and pleased to hear the good news.  The news story even reported that the horse survived and will recover, much to Princess Yakyak's relief.  Given how bad the scene looked to us last week, I'd go so far as to say the survival of the couple in the buggy and their horse is nearly miraculous.

Back to the grind at school today - and I'm already counting the days until Christmas break.  The students were pretty willing to work today, except at the end of the day.  (I only have four students for the last class of the day, and the two girls are more trouble than a sack full of spider monkeys.  I like them, but whoo-ee are they a handful!)  All of the teachers are trying to ram through as much work as possible in the next few weeks, before the Christmas Crazies become too much and the students' ability to focus diminishes until it can be measured in nanoseconds.  It will keep me hopping to keep the kids on top of their work, since many of my students are challenged in the organization department, aside from any other issues they may have.

On a fun note, I feel like I'm getting a break from the "hard" pre-algebra stuff since we're doing a unit on coordinate graphs.  THAT I can handle.  We've been looking at all the places we can find information on graphs, and the ways coordinate graphs are used.  Scientific graphs, sighting scopes for guns, heads-up displays in fighter jet cockpits, and playing Battleship are just some we've come up with.  I modified a  Battleship game printout I found online, and now I can have the kids play the game against each other on a 12 x 12 grid with positive and negative integers in four quadrants.  Fun with a purpose!  The guys in class are more into the idea than the girls, but they'll survive.  We won't spend weeks on this idea; we need to move on.  But there's no reason it can't be fun.  After this it gets boring again - unless someone out there knows some way to make the distributive property interesting to 8th graders?

And finally, I had a sale!  A friend from our old church bought one of my paintings from my Etsy shop.  'Reflections' will be going to a good home tomorrow.  Thanks, Pat!

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