Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ready For Thanksgiving

I am so very glad that it's finally time for Thanksgiving.  It seemed like it would NEVER get here.  But I survived the last day of school this week in good shape, and we're off school now until Monday.

Today I came home from work and finished putting up the Christmas lights.  Red and white lights on the holly bush and the cherry tree, and white lights on the porch railings, with cheerful red bows as accents - now all we need is a little snow.  Well, and I need to dig the wreath out of the basement.  That's next weekend's project - finding the wreath, and excavating and finding new homes for some of the dreck in the basement.  The wreath ought to appear if I sort through enough stuff.

 A lap full of cozy cats - B.C. and Sophia.  
The combination of a sunbeam plus a lap was perfect.

The house smells wonderful tonight.  I made my favorite holiday treat, Cranberry-Orange-Walnut Bread.  The recipe is here from last year.  I'll be taking both loaves to my husband's family Thanksgiving meal on Thursday.  I'll be making Maple Glazed Carrots as a side dish, too, since my sister-in-law asked me to bring "any orange vegetable."  The day after Thanksgiving, we'll have a big family dinner with my parents and my sisters and their families.  It's going to be a fun, busy, happy couple days.  We'll need the weekend to recover from the holiday travel and food extravaganza.

 One of the last flowers of fall - gaillardia (blanket flower) after a hard frost.

I love this time of year.  I've started my Christmas shopping, and I had to wrap up the gifts for my youngest sister and her family so they can take them back with them when they go home next week.  I enjoy picking out presents and wrapping them just so, with lots of love and care and curly ribbon.  Often a cat or two helps with the process.  I just got some new (to me) Christmas music (by Glad, Russ Taff, and Phil Keaggy), so when I get ready to do "the big wrap" in a few weeks, I'll have an evening of wonderful songs.  I imagine some flavored coffee and a cookie or two might figure in there somewhere.  It's a joy to count my blessings, and I hope I never forget what the Lord has done for me even as I get to prepare gifts for my family and anticipate fun and fellowship during this season.  I'm thankful; may I never forget to live it out.

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