Monday, December 19, 2011

Stop The World NOW - Part 3

Sunday was actually better than the previous two days, for which I was very, very grateful.  We still had a few go-rounds of BSS (Bratty Sibling Syndrome), but over all we did okay.  In fact, I could even see some serious progress with Safety Guy dealing with new situations.

We were invited to go to a Christmas party by one of my husband's coworkers.  The kids were included in the invitation, so later in the afternoon we all got ready to go.  Safety Guy was a bit nervous about going to the house of someone he's never met.  In the past that's been a tough sell, since he'd really rather NOT go to new social situations, especially where he doesn't know anyone.  Years ago we risked him having meltdowns every time we tried putting him in a new situation.  New things that involved bright lights and lots of strange people were even more difficult for him.  But yesterday we were able to go to a part at a new friend's house and Safety Guy actually enjoyed it, once he got past a few moments initial nervousness.  It helped that there were some much younger boys there who immediately took a liking to Safety Guy.  He loves kids, and is a total kid magnet.  It didn't take long before the little boys were enjoying the attention from one very big boy - mock wrestling, play fighting, and eventually playing on the Wii.  Add in holiday food and Safety Guy was just dandy.  I left that party counting my blessings that Safety Guy has come so very far in his social skills. 

It was a wild, up and down weekend.  I'm still not on an even keel, but I'm hanging on.  School today was rough, really rough.  Only four more days, only four more days, only four more days. . . .

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