Monday, December 19, 2011

Stop the World - NOW

Holiday stress.  I thought I'd dodged the worst of it, and was feeling pretty good about dealing with the kids at home and the kids at school.  I thought I had myself mostly together, pretty organized, and almost caught up with the important house stuff (kids clean and fed, not too much clutter, laundry monster almost tamed).  Starting late last week, my semi-peaceful world started to unravel.

Nothing big or awful happened.  Nobody is sick, there's no financial emergency, and the house hasn't descended into fodder for a reality TV show (yet).  But suddenly I'm not coping as well as I was, and the holiday stress is really getting to me.

My students have been getting flakier by the day.  Honestly, I really like them, but I was imagining doing a Three Stooges maneuver on four of them on Friday (i.e. clunking their heads together in sequence - bonk, bonk, bonk, bonk).  Our classroom is RIGHT by the high school front door, with windows looking at it from the outside.  I could keep the blinds closed all the time, but that's too stifling for me.  (Not to mention I have to keep a window cracked open or we'll roast to death when the heat kicks on.)  So the kids see everything and everyone coming or going.  Teaching while ANYTHING happens outside the window is like having a class full of dogs like Dug from "Up":  "SQUIRREL!" and everyone rubbernecks.   So, back to my story:  on Friday one of the kids was looking out the window, and noticed that someone had dropped a five dollar bill on the ground right outside our classroomOh.  My. Goodness.  I should have stopped trying to teach right then and there, because they were totally useless after that.  All of them had to go look at it.  All of them wanted to go outside and get it.  None of them would focus on the homework we'd just started working on.  They were all in a swivet and chattering like magpies in spite of my firm injunction to SIT DOWN AND FORGET ABOUT IT until my classroom aide actually went outside, picked it up, and turned it in to the office.  THEN they all gabbled about us not letting them go out to get it, and one bright soul suddenly remembered that he needed to go to the office to make a phone call (and incidentally ask if anyone had turned in their "missing" $5).  The school day couldn't end quickly enough for me that day.

Then, at home, my own kids were in my face all evening long while my husband had to work late.  And, to make things even better, I swear the phone rang every time I tried to sit down and get a few minutes to myself.  I finally shuffled them off to bed.  After that I stayed up (too, too) late on the computer, trying to unwind and get my nerves to settle.  It took a while.

Saturday was another adventure. . . .

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