Monday, January 10, 2011

It'll get worse before it gets better.

 This morning:  the only place to go is up, right?

I think that's the underlying motto of every home improvement/DIY show I've seen.  Any project bigger than a bread box will always make a mess and disrupt the house before it gets put back together and looks good again.  We've started redoing our living/music room, and that room and the adjoining dining/office area are trashed at the moment.  We'll be painting the walls, cleaning the carpet, removing some furniture and rearranging what's left, and finally rehanging the art.  What a mess!

I'll be really glad to have this room done.  It's the last room in the house to get painted since we moved in.  When we bought the house, only one room out of the entire house was painted anything other than contractor-grade flat "white."  We've been adding color (and WASHABLE paint) a room at a time over the past year and a half.  Flat paint is the absolute worst thing to have in a house with kids and pets.  It's a dirt-magnet, for everything from handprints to scuff marks.

We've decided to paint the living room a slightly darker shade of green than we painted the dining room last year - soft and warm in tone, not minty.  I'm looking forward to the change.  And, I like painting.  It's just something I like doing; it's relaxing, and it's easy to see what you've accomplished.  When my husband and I work together, I do the cutting in, and he does the roller work, since using the roller bothers my hands a lot.  It's a good division of labor, or at least it works for us.  I'll post some "after" pictures when we're done.