Thursday, January 20, 2011

Somebody's birthday is coming

 Princess Yakyak's birthday, four years ago.

Our daughter's birthday is coming up in a month or so.  She's been planning her party for, oh, the past 11 months or so.  I've learned to let her plan all year without offering ideas, because she changes her mind every few weeks about what kind of party she wants to have.  About a month before THE DAY we have her settle on one idea, and stick with it.

This year, though, we did tell her that it has to be a SMALL party, because we did a big one last year (a pool party at the Y, with a dozen girls and cousins).  I'm not a party plannin' super-alpha-mom, and the thought of having a horde of kids in the house for several hours in the dead of winter makes me crazy for reasons that have nothing to do with the mess and everything to do with the noise and drama with no way to escape.  So, after much consideration, she has finally settled on a horse-themed arts and crafts party, with her two girl cousins and her two best friends.  I think we can handle that level of giggling and silliness, mess and fun.  Drama is a given (after all, my girl is gifted that way - come to think of it, so is one of her girl cousins too).

I'll suggest that my husband and son get lost for the afternoon, since the noise and chaos are guaranteed to grate on every last nerve in our son's body.  I'd rather not juggle the craft party and the girl drama and the Asperger's and the cranky preteen boy stuff all at once.  It's well worth sending the guys to the movies or something.

Last night Princess Yakyak (her self-proclaimed nickname since she was 3) decided that she wants me to make a cheesecake for her birthday.  Plain, with strawberry sauce (and NOT the icky sauce you get on a sundae, but real strawberries, she says).  Okaaay, I guess that's what I'll be making, but I think I'll buy a little store-bought vanilla frosted cake for any guests who aren't into cheesecake. Just a hunch.

I can't believe my little girl is growing up so fast.  Where did the time go?

Princess Yakyak as The Bedtime Fairy for Halloween, about 5 years ago.