Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Traveling Sunbeam Club

 Molly Meow lounging as only she can lounge.

I can tell spring is on its way in this new house by watching the pattern of sunbeams in our living room.  In the depth of midwinter, hardly any sun hits the floor directly.  As the new year grows, though, the sunbeams from the front windows gradually return.  Today must have been the big moment of "The Return Of The Sunbeam," because when the sun hit the front window and the sunbeam began to progress across the floor, all three cats homed in on it.  Within 10 minutes all three had had a go at it.

I love how a cat will wander into a room and spy the sunbeam.  They casually walk up to it, just to check it out.  They stand in it, and sniff the air (why, I don't know - do sunbeams have a fragrance?).  Then they relax into it.  Sophia crouches in it and blinks at the light, her fluff turning to a halo around her.  B.C. marches into it and owns it.  He soaks up the sun at all seasons, his midnight-black fur heating up in seconds flat.  Molly doesn't want to look too eager to follow the others.  She approaches the sunbeam cautiously, sniffs to make sure it's okay, then stands in the sun for a moment.  They, as if she's melting into it, she reclines and stretches out.  Oh, happiness!

B.C., King of the Sunbeam.

As the sunbeam crept across the room, it passed over Sophia's favorite chair, the computer chair.  She curled up in it, and was totally blissed out.  Some days I wish I could be my cat.  (I have been known to stretch out on the floor with them in the sunbeam.  Maybe I'll get that opportunity again soon.)