Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eye-Catching 1

Lately it seems like I've been more tuned-in visually than usual - more attuned to art around me, more caught by shapes and shadows, light and color.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe trying to rediscover my own artistic inspiration and get-up-and-go is part of it.  Maybe I'm just tired of living in a white world, and winter seems to be lasting ever so long this year.  Whatever the reason, I've been drawn to looking at art on the internet as well as looking for it in situations and things I see in my everyday routine.  I'd like to share a couple artists whose vision has caught my eye lately.

The first items I'd like to share are from an art installation by Motoi Yamamoto, at the Fondation Espace Ecurueil, a gallery in Toulouse, France.  The pictures and information are from here.  His medium?  It's salt.  A couple thousand pounds of table salt, laboriously hand-poured bit by bit from a small oil can with a fine spout into a wonderfully complex pattern, freehand.  Mr. Yamamoto's "Labyrinths," which he started creating after the death of his sister over a decade ago, are magnificent in their simultaneous complexity and simplicity.  Mr. Yamamoto's amazing, peaceful, meditative works really appeal to me, both in their almost OCD level of detail (I can relate, lol), and in their transience.  Go to this website to see another, larger installation of his at a church in Cologne, Germany.  It's really amazing.  I especially love the overhead view, where you can see that the pattern also resembles a relief map of a river delta within the outlining circle.

The second eye-catcher I'd like to share is artist Liu Bolin, who takes the art of camouflage to its extreme - and makes "Where's Waldo?" look totally easy.  Really, I never would have imagined that someone would do this, and do it so well at that.   Here's a slide show of his incredible (and fun) artistic vision.  The picture of him sitting in the theatre seats was the first that caught my eye - I thought it was a digitally altered image, not an image of him sitting totally camouflaged in plain sight through the use of face and body paint.  I think my favorite image is him standing in the forest, though.

I'd like to make "Eye Catching" a regular feature on my blog, since pieces of art are always grabbing my attention.  I hope you enjoy seeing different artists, and I'd love it if you'd share in the comments about artists that have caught your eye.